The New Bebbo App!

The only tool parents need to give their child ‘A Good Start, for a Lifetime.’ Supporting and guiding them all the way through their child’s development, from 0-6 years, right from the palm of their hand. 

All parents need support.

Each and every child needs nurturing, nutrition, loving care, good health, and a stimulating & safe environment that offers plenty of support for early learning. All parents need support and have millions of questions on how to assist their children to grow healthy and smart. 

This is where Bebbo comes into play! 

The free app developed by UNICEF and national partners is designed to lend a helping hand to parents, with easy tips on topics like breast pumps, baby weaning, learning, toys, child protection and much more. Bebbo provides users with information based on studies and UNICEF’s expertise and helpful, interactive tools to help nurture and aid their child’s health and development. The Bebbo app will be launched across 11 countries in Europe and Central Asia between November 2021 and March 2022. Stay tuned for more news!


So how does it work?

The Bebbo App has a huge range of helpful features empowering parents to make the right decisions when it comes to the care and development of their child. Encouraging parents to engage daily with suggested articles and games that will help their little ones hit those key development milestones while growing healthy and happy. 

Suggested Daily Reads

Every day the app will suggest a daily game and an article from a rich library of advice written by experts, covering a large range of topics available in the app, such as baby weaning and early learning. All advice can be quickly saved as favourites and shared with other parents or friends.

Games for parents and children  

Bebbo offers plenty of ideas on how to engage in playful interaction with children through games that will stimulate learning and development. Parents will be able to choose games that support the development of motor and socio-emotional skills, language, communication and cognition. 

Child Development Tracker  

This tool is easy-to-use and helps parents track their child’s progress in reaching the milestones recommended for his/her age. It will assist parents on how to support development through play. 


A handy vaccination record is available for parents to easily track and record your child’s vaccinations.

Health Check-ups

The health check-up section allows parents to note down information from their child’s doctor visits, as well as setting reminders for doctor’s appointments.

Child’s Growth

This tool allows parents to track their child’s measurements such as height and weight.

Give your little one ‘A Good Start, For A Lifetime’ with the perfect pocket partner in parenthood.

Download the Bebbo App!

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